Erosion Control

Jute screen for erosion control.

( The commitment to sustainable social and environmental development is one of the hallmarks of our company. )

The erosion control in inclined areas is expensive, it justifies the search for alternative metods like the use of vegetables screens: The Jute screen remains fixed promoting efetive contention of slipping in slops.

This product’s of easy instalation. After sow the slop the jute roll are placed on it and pinned by staples.

Controlling the erosion in the soil, the Jute screens create a stable environment uneroded, in which the vegetable can settle on and develop without chance of removal seeds or young plants, or damage for new roots.

Some examples:

  • Management of the superficial soil erosion on slops and hills.
  • Protection of the margin of the watercourse or rivers.
  • Slops estabilization of land for highways.
  • Slops estabilization of land for railways.

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