The Jute on the civil construction

“Recomendation for protection of the floors during the construction executation” Moderate Traffic: In a subject environment to medium traffic, the protection techinique suggested is the collocation under the floor, cloth-covered.About the tissue must be applied a layer, with about 1 centimeter thickness, of plaster paste.[…]

The Jute

The magic that comes from the land is our inspiration. With source 100% Natural, we found in the Jute fiber, the main raw material for the production of the our ribbon and decorative screens, creating a bond with the nature. The Jute (Corchorus Capsularis) Is[…]

Erosion Control

Jute screen for erosion control. ( The commitment to sustainable social and environmental development is one of the hallmarks of our company. ) The erosion control in inclined areas is expensive, it justifies the search for alternative metods like the use of vegetables screens: The[…]