Jute on the civil construction

“Recomendation for protection of the floors during the construction executation”

Moderate Traffic:

In a subject environment to medium traffic, the protection techinique suggested is the collocation under the floor, cloth-covered.
About the tissue must be applied a layer, with about 1 centimeter thickness, of plaster paste.

The application of color tissues (like the Jute’s Bag) and the layer of pastle paste directly under the rocky surface must be carefully evaluated as it may cause stains of hard remotion.

Should be used in natural Jute rolls for linear meter:

Juta e Cia Product
ReferenceJute Open Plot
Grammage (g/m²)145
Degradability (Months)12


Jute’s tissueJute Fiber Intertwined


Width (m)1.00
Leigth (m)50.00
Coverage area (m²)50.00
Weigth (Kg)9.00
Plot (mm)5×5
Coil Diameter (m)0,40


Max. Inclination Application (H:V)3:2
Max. Speed of recomendable flow (m/s)1
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